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Today’s Moment of DERP – Peter Molyneux

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If you were worried that the standard controller might be going somewhere thanks to that shiny new Kinect on the horizon, or maybe you’re scared of the the PS Move, maybe even…the market dominator Wiimote. Then take a deep breath as everyone’s favorite gaming industry hype man Peter Molyneux tells us that things are going to be ok.

The interview was conducted by Develop and featured the soft hard-hitting question about comparing the traditional controller to the Kinect:

“The controller is a skateboard, it requires an element of skill and practice for use. And yes, it is lovely and refreshing to use motion controllers, but they are a different kind of experience. You can argue all you want that bicycles are better for cycling than skateboards, but ultimately they’re too different experiences for compare.

Games controllers have been designed for two decades, and they’re not going anywhere, they will continue to evolve. I don’t think motion control, in itself, will cause the death of standard controllers.

Motion control has been a really interesting concept over the last few years, though I’m not sure it’s the most important change over the last five years. That would be a difficult one to choose – handheld gaming, social gaming, the cloud, online gameplay.

It’s been an amazing ride these last five years. I don’t think anyone’s stopped to notice that every six months over the last five years something’s happened that’s changed the course of the industry.”

He makes a good point that the controller isn’t going anywhere DERP, and that motion controls aren’t the bees knees anymore DERP. I also hate his analogy that regular controllers are skateboards and bicycles are motion controls…talk about trying to compare two disparate things like apples and oranges will ya Pete?

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