Ryan Thomason

Tinfoil Hat: Discovery VP Reveals Possible Set Photos for Season 3 of The Colony

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My brain kept flashing the only possibility that this picture could be from the post apocalyptic survival show that people either love or hate, The Colony on Discovery Channel.

Disclaimer: This is purely speculation and we’re just playing the rumor mill game.

Here is why I think so: One, the show is long overdue for the next season, since it had been a summer show and well, didn’t air this past summer. Two, They DID do a casting call for season 3 (which I didn’t make). Three, Thomb Beers whose “Original Productions” (The Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, etc) produces the show, is still listing it and rather high on the list of it’s shows now in production. Four, come on, how can you look at something like that and not think that it looks like some kind of abandoned post apoc setting?


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