Thor Comic-con Trailer Leaked Online: WATCH THIS NOW

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The Thor comic con trailer was leaked to the interwebs today, and by Odin’s beard this trailer is epic. With this trailer we essentially get everything plot related to this movie, like nearly the entire outline to a T. This would be disappointing, but then again if you know the origin of any super hero you already know what the first movie will be about.

Everything seems great about this movie so far, everything looks smooth in motion. Asgard looks amazing, the action looks stunning, and we see a lot of desert, which is always fun.

The actors are all in place. Chris Hemsworth’s Acting we don’t get to see much of, but he still looks like he fits the role well. In the background, Natalie Portman will play the role of the love interest/scientist chick. That one S.H.I.E.L.D guy from the Iron Man Movies is apparently stepping into the spotlight, with a pretty neat interrogation scene. I’m still not feeling Tom Hiddleson as Loki, but time will tell if things pan out with him.

Marvel seems to be pulling a little bit of a cop-out in calling Asgardian magic “science”, but they are trying to fit it into the Avenger’s continuity more naturally, so you can’t blame them. Still, it reeks of something the Insane Clown Posse would put in a song or something…

I really cannot wait for this film; it really seems to be another great film from Marvel Studios. They have a perfect track record so far when it comes to making good superhero movies in my book, and Thor looks no different.

I would recommend seeing it now since it might be pulled in a couple of hours.

Thor falls to your local theater next spring.


*I hope Thor doesn’t spend 50 percent of his movie being a glorified trailer for Avengers, like that other marvel super hero movie…

*Oh and I’m sorry is that Ultimo at the end of the trailer? I’m not sure. (Never mind, it’s the Destroyer)

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