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This Is Post #3000

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It’s been more than two years of hard work and growing up, but we’ve reached yet another milestone for our little website.

It might be a bit of navel-gazing but you have to understand how excited it makes me to see numbers this large. When I first started this website back in July of 2008, I had no intention or aspiration to make it the site that sits in front of you today. I just wanted a blog and site to put my podcasts on.

Here we are, it’s the first month of January, and the gears are turning to make this place a serious business. We’ve got four regular podcasts, daily content, and a thriving community that lives through our forum.

This really is going to be our year. I’ll check back with you all at post 4000 later this year (I’m aiming high!).

Thank you for all of your support and love over the last 30-ish months.


Xopher Reed
Founder / CEO
“It’s What We Do!”

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