There’s a New Cobra Commander? Where have I been? GI Joe #9 Review

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New year, new Cobra Commander. A guy misses a few issues and boom, Cobra Commander has been named and I totally missed how it happened. This actually really bums me out, I had been following all three titles (GI Joe, Cobra and Snake Eyes) and was enjoying the battle for Cobra supremacy. I’m picking the series back up with the first issue of Cobra Command (prior it was Cobra Civil War), GI Joe # 9.

Here we have a devastated band of Joes, they have lost their HQ and it looks like their funding. Cobra on the other hand is doing quite well under the new commander. They are in the process of taking over a country near Thailand with little resistance. The Joes apparently have just enough coin in the piggy bank to send a force into the country to see what they can do.

The positives about this title is it still has me intrigued, I don’t want to giveaway who Cobra Commander is for others who, like me, aren’t caught up on the action yet. It also puts GI Joe in a really bad spot ripe for Cobra to do a lot of damage which is always a lot of fun.

The negatives are seeing that the Cobra Command story is spread over nine issues and all three titles. This gets really hard and expensive to keep up with the story. Something of this scope would likely be great to sit down and read all at once in a trade rather than having to piece the story together issue by issue.

Overall the story is still moving forward well and keeping me interested. It’s a great time to jump into Joe if you haven’t been following along.


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