The Family – Is It Worth Your Money?

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De Niro playing a mobster? That’s unbelievable!

Going in with low expectations has led to some great movie going experiences for me. Not this time though.

The Family was written and directed by the amazingly talented , the man who brought us Léon (The Professional), Le Femme Nakita (remade into Point of No Return), and The Fifth Element. One would go into The Family expecting a lot, especially with a cast like , , and , yet i still went into this movie skeptical. Why, you ask? Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of crime movies. I always thought it was funny how violence and murder are far more acceptable when it’s done for money, greed and respect than when it’s done by a psychopath in a mask. Maybe it’s because the last movie Besson did was The Lady (2011). Going in with low expectations has led to some great movie going experiences for me before, but not this time. Not to say The Family was a bad movie, it was just more of a throw away flick. Something that’s worth maybe one viewing, but really nothing more than that. The movie follows a family in an international witness protection program because the father (a former mobster played by De Niro) squealed on a bunch of his former associates. The family finds itself being ushered around from town to town by an FBI agent (played by Jones) every time Di Niro’s very stereotypical New Yorker character loses his shit on a neighbor. While this movie did make me laugh a few times with it’s satyrical value, and did manage to keep me awake, it still doesn’t deserve much praise.

What I’d really like to see out of Besson would be a Fifth Element Sequel. Lucky enough for me Besson recently spoke up on the subject. You can read all about it here.

What Besson movie would you like to see done as a sequel?


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