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The WPR Geek Girl Appreciation Contest [Update]

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This contest is just for all you girls out there that just happen to be geeky enough to appreciate our site, we’d like to reward you with a weeks worth of geeky girl t-shirts to win thanks to the great people at Junk Food Clothing!Yes, you can win three awesome shirts (a girl helped pick them out if that makes you feel better) and now you can have more ways to show off how truly awesome you are. Yes, I said three shirts equals a weeks worth of clothing…what, you don’t wear some shirts more than once? Whatever you want to use them for is up to you, I’m just glad that we could finally do something special for you!

Here is how this contest is going to work, You’ve got three ways to enter, be a fan of ours on facebook and share this post with your friends (leave a comment here on or the FB post for this contest so we can double check), Be a follower of ours on twitter and tweet this post, or join the forum and leave a couple of posts there and then see how awesome our little community of people are there. That’s three ways for you to enter, and if you do all three? You get three more chances to win!


The names have been tallied, everyone given a random number and then a dice rolled online because I don’t have anything bigger in my personal bag of handy D&D Dice:

AND THE WINNER IS: Sarah Willoughby!

We want to thank everyone that entered, and we hope to do more girl centric contests in the future! Sorry fellas.

Don’t worry about sizes, Junk Food Clothing will send the winner whatever size they want to request for the three shirts, winner takes all! In case you were wondering these three shirts total $89 in value, so don’t worry that you’re getting the super cheapo stuff, these are quality shirts that will last you a looooong time.

If you’re a guy, and feeling totally left out of this contest, you get one chance to win, hopefully for a girl in your life. Unless these clothes are your thing dude, and we’re OK with that. YOU have to do something extra though my fellow males, after doing one or all of the entries, you have to write a solid TWO sentences in a comment here or on our FB post about why the girl in your life you’re trying to win these for is special to you. If you’re trying to win them for yourself, TWO sentences explaining why would be interesting I guess.

That should keep most of you males away.

This contest ends JUNE 15th, 2011. Thanks for being our readers, and we hope that we can do more ladies centric contests in the future!

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