Ryan Thomason

The Wolverine Picks Up a Director

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Who directed; Cop Land, Girl, Interrupted, 3:10 to Yuma, and the recent Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action/comedy Knight and Day. James Mangold you say? Next on his list, is The Wolverine. Deadline reports that Fox and Hugh Jackman have looked at the lineup, told the fat kid to go home, laughed at the runt of the pack, and then did a eenie meenie minie mo, I choose you to be the director of Wolverine. And that’s how james Mangold got the job. Let’s REALLY hope it’s more 3:10 to Yuma and none of Knight and Day.

It may have gone way differently than a elementary school dodge ball team lineup.

Regardless, Mangold is directing the movie, which will be almost entirely filmed in Japan, how the recent disaster will play into how they film in the fall I’m not sure. I’m willing to be that some locations have probably been compromised, and I hope that it doesn’t mean they’ll film somewhere else and pretend it’s Japan. There is a certain quality about the country that you just can’t capture anywhere else.

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