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The Whore’s Mission

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Now that we’ve got the site to just about where we’d like it. It’s time that I let you all know what it is exactly that I’m hoping to foster here at Media Whore Network. I’ll lay it out for you all after a short introduction on who I am.

My name is Xopher Reed and I have been writing blogs on various video gaming websites and political sites across the Internet for nearly two years today. All of these sites did one thing really well, reporting on the news.

Whether it be a press release from a video game company or from a political party I started to notice that all of these commercial blogs were doing exactly what the PR firms wanted by regurgitating their force fed news into easy to digest bits garnered towards a certain crowd.

Each site that you visit on the web that posts news does so usually through information collected from various other sites. I myself even was guilty of going out and finding ‘news’ that someone else had written and repackaging it into ‘news’ for the site where I was employed.

Towing the company line got me a few privileges: I got some free swag, press passes to events, face time with company executives, and most importantly for me short-lived internet fame. To me there’s nothing better than getting attention (bad or good) from a sea of faceless and usually bad-tempered people. This is where the whore in me got started.

I found myself shirking my news making responsibilities in favor of creating blog posts and stories that had harsh editorial views that would get me polarizing comments in my posts and a LOT of them, more so than any typical news story that I could write about.

It was there that I decided that I am done with this bullshit of writing boring ass rehashes of other site’s news. I’m going to create a nirvana for writers who feel the same, a site where you no longer have to report on something that you have no passion about, a site where you can see tits if you look hard enough for them…in other words a place where any author who wants to write about what they love is allowed to do so.

This is when I decided to become the Media Whore.

I don’t play just video games, that is just the core component in the complex shell of geekery that makes me up. I watch alot of TV with my wife. I eat strange foods and love to cook. I play poker with my friends. I surf the internet at work. I watch YouTubes on my iPhone. I listen to podcasts while working out. I read webcomics on a daily basis. I even enjoy painting Warhammer 40,000 figurines. There is alot to us modern renaissance men, not just one little thing that these sites attempt to pander to. I want to be the site for you.

Yes I am a whore, I want your attention. But I promise and my staff does as well that what we give you will be interesting, funny, or provacative or any combination of those 3. I know from my experience that you can get news at any fucking site that you choose, and I’m here to tell you that I’m not that site.

If you want a site where you can go from an article on the best sushi I’ve ever had to a review of an episode of DuckTales, and then onto a review of a movie that is almost 50 years old followed by what kind of beer goes with what food you cook, then this is home for you. What I’m trying to get across is that all things opinionated are welcome here at MWN. I hope you’ll stick around and get to know me and the crew here. We guarantee to entertain or at least make you think.

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