The Value Proposition

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Only four of these games was worth full price IMHO Guess which ones

More than any other group of people who consume entertainment, I believe gamers are one of the largest group that are always on the hunt for bargains. With websites like Cheap Ass Gamer and PC Game Deals, it’s even easier for us to find great games on the cheap. For some reason, most reviews leave out the value proposition all together. “Is this game worth $60?” is a question I get all the time from my peers. This crucial tidbit of information is something that needs to be addressed for all games and I intend to educate you on why.

There are only three things that will ultimately sway your decision on buying a game; how much you are looking forward to a game, what your friends think about the game, and how much it cost. If you are really excited about the next installment of Halo, then it really doesn’t matter how much it cost because chances are you have your mind set on buying it day one. If a ton of your friends are buying a game that is multiplayer heavy, you tend to forget about the price at that point and pick it up to engage in the festivities. Reviewers don’t really get the chance to give an input on these factors but price is a different story.

If you keep in mind that all reviews are someone’s opinion, then price can easily be a part of that review process. Everyone has their own price point at which they are willing to pay for certain type of games. If we have more reviewers including the value proposition in their reviews, we will get a larger opinion base to make our decision of whether the game is worth the money. If enough people are saying that a game is only worth a purchase at $30, then chances are that’s the truth. We all know there are a ton of games that we wouldn’t buy for full price but would actually consider it when the price dropped to something more reasonable.

Case in point, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is a game that is not worth full price. It received a 71 on Metacritic and was generally poorly received by most reviewers. While this game did have its fair share of problems, this game is a great purchase at $20 or lower. Same goes for Conan. If you can find this game in a bargain bin for $10, I would highly recommend you pick it up. Playing this game at that price point, you can forgive the mechanical issues with this game and just enjoy playing it. At the end of the day, enjoyment is what matters. I know I can’t enjoy a game that I paid full price for if it’s riddled with bugs and horrible control issues.

Also, stop whining about $15 Xbox Live Arcade games. If you don’t want to pay that price, don’t play the game. It’s as simple as that.

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