Alan Smithee

The Spice Must Flow!

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This one is for all of the Dune fans out there. Scientists may have just found a way of making humans live nearly twice as long as we have been able…and we know this because they’ve been testing the concoction on ‘worms’.

Well to be exact, they’re nematodes. The wonderful ‘spice melange’ that scientists have found to help these small organisms live longer is simple Thioflavin T. That’s Yellow 1 food dye to you guys who aren’t science geeks. The scientists found out that nematodes who were saturated with Yellow 1 ended up living about 1.5 times longer than the control group.

Living a longer life is great and all, but what else they discovered from this panacea is that it actually slowed degenerative diseases! The nematodes who were bred with inherited diseases that mimic some of our more nasty diseases like Alzheimer’s were actually slowed considerably over those in the control group.

The science behind it all is that Thioflavin T acts as a inhibitor to the breakdown of protein homeostasis, meaning that the proteins stay active for much longer…at least that’s what I can understand.

There’s been no word yet as to whether Earth will be turned into a desert planet in the hopes of cultivating 200m long nematodes that we will ride across the planet as the Fremen do. I sincerely hope that overdosing on Yellow 1 will not be fatal and cause the triggering of ‘other memory’, the last thing we need are Bene Gesserit witches trying to run the show.


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