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RLR #28 – Congratulations, You’re Black

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It’s Monday, and I’ve dot the day off work, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a new episode for you lucky bastards at work to enjoy today.

We had the entire panel this episode and no special guests, so if you come looking for Evan or Chanh, sorry they couldn’t make it. If you pay attention to the posts we make prior to recording the show, you should already have a good idea of what to expect this week, however…not all of you read those I’m sure. SO, here’s what you’ll hear on the episode today.


Lostchat – Dr. Ben and the sweater of a pussy.
V returns March 30th.
Fringe’s 3rd Season – greenlit.
Thursday Night Comedies – all got renewed on NBC.
Southland – great cop show.


Group fap over Final Fantasy XIII.
Valkyria Chronicles – best $20 RPG I’ve ever bought.
$14.95 OnLive pricing plan.
Our thoughts on ‘cloud computing’.
Alan Wake Trailer – flashlight as a weapon?
Lost Planet 2 Trailer – gorgeous and has huuuuge bosses.
Hakan for SSFIV, has he been on before or completely new?
Arguements For/Against motion controllers.


New releases this week.
The glut of great trailers
Alice in Wonderland – mini review.


New Coheed & Cambria album – coming out April 13th
New Gorillaz album – mini review.

First time listeners, don’t fret. You can always get in touch with us panelists and members of the staff in a multitude of ways. First, there’s the email address RLR@MediaWhoreNetwork.com. Second, you can always join the forum by clicking the ‘forum’ button at the top of the site. Third, you can simply leave a comment here on the story. Fourth, you can always find most of the panel sitting in the IRC room for most of our workdays, you can get there too by clicking the mibbit button on the sidebar. Finally, we are in dire need of feedback on iTunes…so we’d always like to hear what you all think of the show.

We hope that you enjoy listening to the show as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. The bonus episode will be up sometime this week, but if we don’t see you then, join us next week for another action packed episode of the Red-Light Roundtable.

[gplayer href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/watchplayread.com/episodes/RLR100311.mp3″]Congratulations, You’re Black[/gplayer]

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