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RLR #27.5 – Behind The Scenes 3 March 2010

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like a record baby, right round round round

Have any of you wonderful people out there ever wondered what happens before or after the podcast we dish out every week? Do you often lose sleep thinking about the crazy hijinks your favorite panelists get into before they actually get serious and record the show? Well wait no longer, cause we’re gonna share with you just that on today’s special edition of The Red-Light Roundtable.

Well if you have listened to this weeks episode of RLR, then you’re already infinitely intimate with our love for Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack, but namely the Erasure song “Always” that plays while you’re prancing around as a robot unicorn. Little did you know that Evan was having a great time playing Just Cause 2 before we all jumped on the RUA love.

Later, still before we recorded the actual show, we started talking about some lady who can dunk like Jordan and we question her sex, and how certain parts of the female anatomy might provide a bit of thrust when in mid jump. We then get into discussions of our personal lives when we all got together in Baltimore for a No Apparent Reason Pary – aka a ‘NARP’.

Near the end of this episode you’ll notice that the tone is quite different and a few of the usual panel aren’t there anymore. This is due to them all going to bed after recording where its me, Tim, Jermaine, and Evan just sittin around shootin the shit while all doing other activities. This section of the show is meant to be more of a fly-on-the-wall experience, to show you all out there in podcasting land that there is much more to each episode than we usually put online, just not all of it is worth hearing.

Oh yeah, we also discussed Meatspin.

We hope that you won’t judge all further episodes of the Red-Light Roundtable by this special edition, but if you’d like to leave us some feedback, you can always send us an email or join the forum where we discuss all of our episodes with our audience there. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening, we’ll be back Monday with another episode.

[gplayer href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/watchplayread.com/episodes/RLRBTS2010.mp3″]Behind The Scenes, Part 1[/gplayer]

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