The next Hitman game will be revealed at E3… maybe… possibly

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Some people are really digging and piecing things together for this one, but their efforts combined reveal a possible revealing of Hitman 5. It looks like some sly little marketing stunts are leading people to believe that the next installment in the Hitman franchise will be revealed at E3. Apparently in an ad in a catalog at the Sundance Film Festival, someone spotted a doughnut box with a barcode on it. The ending numbers on the barcode were “47.” I know, pretty crazy stuff. Someone on started harassing IO Interactive about the teaser of an ad and they began sending him pictures of black gloves, paperwork with what looks like a doodle of Agent 47 on it, and another barcode. It’s all relatively wacky business, but it’s good to know something is happening with the next Hitman game. You can check out a picture of the weird things here. It all seems very odd and slightly tacky in a way, but good job to the guy who had nothing better to do with himself!

I’ll be glad to get some real info on this game, so if it is coming at E3, awesome.


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