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The Little Red Envelope #2

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In my mailbox this week:
Fantastic Mr. Fox

Release Year: 2009
Staring: George Clooney, Meryl Streep

I opened my mailbox on Monday to find 2 red envelopes that I had been waiting for. The next review will be really interesting, because I have literally been waiting since January for this disk to arrive. But the accompanying movie is another that I had been greatly looking forward to. The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Based on a Roald Dahl book, that was published in 1970, the Fantastic Mr Fox (movie) follows the exploits of one Mr. Fox; a red fox who leaves his life of crime to become a family man. As time passes, Mr. Fox develops an itch, for his old life of adventure, and begins to plan the ultimate heist.

It might have been a noisy night at home, that caused it, but I was having a difficult time with my concentration on this movie. I have actually found this to be a common problem for me and Wes Anderson movies. They come across as being a little bit dry, almost relying on dialog a little more than they should. I know that Wes Anderson fans would argue in his favor, but I haven’t yet seen one of his movies that I truly enjoyed.

With that said, the acting (voice) and animation were great. George Clooney essentially seems to reprise his role of Danny Oceans, only incarnated into the form of a fox. Meryl Streep perfectly plays the female lead, and while you might think that she is a physically weak character, you come to terms with her strength of conviction.  The two children, Ash and Kristofferson play off each other well, and the family dynamic between Ash and his father, Mr. Fox, is well displayed. Extra credit goes to Bill Murray who seems to rear his head in every Wes Anderson film.

The animation isn’t the most amazing thing you will have ever seen, but what it lacks in grandeur, it makes up for in sentiment. Moments of comedy slip right in, and make use of the medium; such as when a character dies, their eyes instantly turn to white eyeballs, with black X’s.

If you are in the mood for an animated version of Oceans Eleven, then Fantastic Mr. Fox is a great choice. If you are looking for a children’s movie, this might not be the answer you are looking for. It might appeal to older kids (say 8+) and adults, but I don’t think young-lings will find it as fun.

How much alcohol did it take: One Hornsby; Only for the British setting.
Rating: 6/10. It was fun, and well animated. Not a children’s movie, but cute in its own way.

The Wifes Retort: Beautiful considering the stop motion animation. I want to read the book so I can understand the missing bits. Very cute. Extreme closeup warning!

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