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The Li’l Depressed Boy: Volume 3 – Comic Review

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Surprisingly upbeat.

The Li’l Depressed Boy, Volume 3: Got Your Money
Writer: S. Steven Struble
Artist: Sina Grace
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $12.99

If you come to The Li’l Depressed Boy from high-action superhero comics, the experience will prove to be a bit jarring. This is a story that one could easily jump into right in the middle, as this is a slice-of-life story akin to a long form webcomic. LDB, as he is called throughout Volume 3 (and I assume earlier stories), is an average person who just can seem to get a break in his life. He’s jobless, penniless, and his last girlfriend broke his heart (as well as his door). To make ends meet, he takes an embarassing job doing janitorial work for a movie theater, a job where a number of his fellow employees are many years his junior.

But, not all is bad in the life of LDB, as he begins to find an occupant for the hole in his heart in Spike, the garrulous red-headed assistant manager at the theater. The question is, will he ever build up the courage to ask her out on a date? Well, you’ll have to read the comic to find out!

The artwork in The Li’l Depressed Boy, Volume 3 compliments the writing well, as it accurately conveys the somber tone of LDB’s daily life. He is characterized as a pale white sack-boy, complete with a seemingly permanent sewn frown, though Sina Grace manages quite well to not channel a “Tim Burton vibe”.

I highly recommend The Li’l Depressed Boy to readers looking for a mellow read with your morning cup of coffee.

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