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The Hidden – Review (3DS)

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Does 'The Hidden' serve up some AR scares, or will it slime our expectations?

Ever since the concept of Augmented Reality entered as a viable option for the Nintendo 3DS, I’ve salivated at the thought of using those abilities to scare the ever-loving pants off of the player. I’d imagine how many 3DS systems would end up on the floor broken because the game decides to switch on the system’s front camera and places a ghost right behind the player. While this concept hasn’t been tackled just yet (probably for legal reasons), 1st Playable Productions gives it a shot with The Hidden.

The Hidden pits you as the newest agent of G.E.I.S.T. (Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team), tasked with the tracking, analyzing, and capturing (read: blowing the crap out of) all sorts of ectoplasmic spookies. Sounds great on paper, right? Well, take one sobering look at the below screenshot:

If you immediately thought of the 3DS bundled title, Face Raiders, pat yourself on the back. The Hidden feels a lot like an enhanced version of the free game, painted over with a paranormal theme. Sure, they’ve attempted to attach a storyline to the game’s 12 missions, but a lack of voice-over leaves this written dialog lost in the fast paced baddie blast.


Yet despite all of its imperfections, The Hidden is loads of fun. It may play nigh identical to Face Raiders, but I’ve wasted more time in that little title than most of the 3DS catalog so far! Still, I can’t help but feel that its minimalistic mini-game style would have fit better as a downloadable title rather than a full retail release.

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