Ryan Wilson

The Gunstringer Jumps Up to “Must Buy” with Free DLC

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Buyers of the newest Twisted Pixel title might want to check the Xbox Live Marketplace now.

Titled “The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles”, this Day 1 free DLC for The Gunstringer weighs in at a whopping 1.94 GB. Why so big, you might ask? Well, Twisted Pixel just brought back a game genre long thought lost with this one: the FMV lightgun shooter. And yes, it’s as over the top as they used to be!

G4 has provided an extended gameplay video of the obviously Mad Dog McCree influenced title, which you can watch below. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice an extended cameo by none other than the king of overkill, Troma President/Director Lloyd Kaufman!

“The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles” can be downloaded in the Xbox Live Marketplace (currently free to Gold members only, but free to all next Tuesday).

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