Alan Smithee

The Concept Art of Halo: Reach

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I wonder if they plan on including Brutes in this game...considering they weren't ever shown in the first game.
I’m probably one of the few remaining Bungie fans out there (hyperbole FTW) after a good chunk of the gaming world, who has followed the Halo saga since the olden days of Combat Evolved, fell off the bandwagon with ODST. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard yet, Reach will be the last of the Bungie-crafted Halo games. After this one, creation of further Halo games goes to Microsoft developer 343 Industries.

The setting of Halo: Reach is on the titular planet that falls right at the hands of The Covenant during the beginning of the first Halo game. The game has you assuming the role of a group of Spartans known as Noble Team, as you attempt (but utterly fail) to repulse the alien invaders from your home planet.

I love it when companies release tons of concept art at one time, especially when it’s high resolution…I’ve not got desktops for my computer for a few good months with this latest push of assets. Anyways, the game is set to hit the stores sometime in the 4th quarter of this year, maybe at the end of the 3rd. But regardless, there’s 6-8 months of waiting until it arrives.

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