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The Colony, Season 2 Episode 1: Review

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Brutal. That is the best word I can come up with after I watched the first episode of the second season. It’s like this, remember all those complaints people had during the first season about realism, and the real sense that there wasn’t any “danger”? That is turned around. On day TWO. How great was it? Hold my hand my friend, I’m about to take you on a ride that is the Second Season of The Colony. Clear some space for your Tuesday night, cause it’s going to give you a Post Apoc Geekgasm.

Let me start off with something that I caught early on. Remember in the first season, whenever the Colonist were about to be confronted by any ‘outsiders’ of sorts? The narrator would say something to the effect “The actors have been told to not use any physical force on the colonist.” That has been replaced with this when a 15 person mob was barreling down toward the 7 colonist home on day two, “They have been instructed to use force if necessary.” Yeah, you can guess how this one ended up. I had a geeky squeal afterwords, this was the show I have been waiting for.

Mind you, I’m trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, the first episode really sets the stage for what is going on this season, it is downright gritty, surreal, and the surrounding environment is astounding to look at. When you take into affect that this was a real area that was devastated after Katrina, only adds to the reality. Obviously they put stuff here and there, but when you just watch the backgrounds, it really has the best post apoc feel that you love to look at. It looks like there are some obvious tension early on between the group, and what a group. It seems like they did an excellent job of finding people that were more relate-able to. Right down to the big city guy who obviously is used to a comfortable lifestyle.

If you were someone to complain about all the minor details of the first season, you’ll be rewarded this year. If you loved the first season, you’re going to go gaga over the second. If you’ve never watched before but love post apocalyptic and/or survival at it’s best, you’re going to love this show. I can’t wait till future episodes come out, from the clips that I saw, it looks like the colonist just consistently get attacked and worn down. Right down to the burning of the buildings around their main fortification by ‘bad guys’. It looks like the colonist really had a hard time, and will really have to fight very, very hard for their survival. This is going to be some great TV folks.

Make sure you guys are watching Tuesday, July 27th on the Discovery Channel. Set your DVR now, and make this show high priority, I’ll be watching it again…and again.

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