The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles #2

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That strange picture on the cover is the biggest reason I was waiting for this comic book.  Who, or what, is in the picture?

Of course, you won’t find an answer in this issue of The Calling:  Cthulhu Chronicles, but that is what part of what makes this book enjoyable.

Michael Alan Nelson and Johanna Stokes, as co-writers of The Calling:  Cthulhu Chronicles, seem to have this comic book on the slower path.  That is good.  Very good.  I do not need everything all at once.  My interest is building.  I still want to know what happened with Paradise, too, not just the shadowy figure in the photograph.

The good plotting helps me deal with the fact that I find the art to be only adequate.  At times, I do not notice the art, but at other times I find it distracts from the story.

Bottom Line $2.99/$3.99

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