Alan Smithee

The Birds of Prey Mock Superhero Phalli

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I’m a big fan of Batman: The Brave and the Bold series that’s running on Cartoon Network right now, it’s got a Dietrich Bader voiced Batman and tons of DC Comics B-List heroes. I mean, they’re not afraid to bring the likes of Plastic Man and Wildcat out of obscurity to fight alongside Bruce Wayne, which is awesome.

The show reminds me a lot of the Silver Age Batman, in so much as he’s not the mournful and brooding loner, but more of a hero willing to team up and fight crime…and you can’t crap on a show that features R. Lee Ermey as a voice actor, you just can’t.

Well besides it being essentially a kids show, there are moments that prove to be exceptions to the rule, such as the one above that features The Birds of Prey singing a song about all of the different ‘members’ of the superhero community, with Aquaman and Green Lantern getting the proverbial pinky treatment.

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