The Best $8 I Ever Spent and Why You Should Too

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You probably don’t know this, but I’m not very rich. I live (entertainment wise) payment to payment and so its very important that there are filler games to occupy this gap between AAA titles. Humble Bundles are great for this.

Editors Note: Please welcome Isaac here to the WPR family of contributors!

I use a system, often times, called ‘Cat Pennies’.  The point is that for every dollar you spend you get an hour of enjoyment out of the item. Now, large appliances such as TVs or computers are very easily bought with the Cat Penny system, but games are a might harder. For instance, Skyrim has yet to fulfill its debt to my wallet.

However, a small indie game known as The Binding Of Isaac has exceeded its Cat Penny worth by roughly 30 times. The full BoI experience (game, soundtrack, DLC) comes to a total of 8 dollars. 8 dollars for a game I played for 251 hours.


Because it’s gorram fantastic, that’s why.

The Binding of Isaac is gory, hilarious, and downright addicting. The randomly generated dungeons give you either A) a constant feeling you’re about to die or B) a consistent feeling of unlimited power. In either scenario, you are probably wrong. The game offers maximum replay value, boasting 200+ different items that ensure no two runs will be alike.

I bought The Binding of Isaac on release day. It took me 7 months to kill Mom, the final boss, for the first time. After that it was significantly easy, but you must get a sense of how balls-to-the-wall hard this game actually is. However, for a game made by Edmund McMillen of Team Meat(Super Meat Boy), thats not hard to believe. However, where Super Meat Boy is charming in its difficulty, Isaac is unforgiving. There is no save button. If you die, Basement 1, and try harder this time.

The game itself takes place in a basement. Isaac’s Mother, having heard ‘the voice of God’ deprives Isaac of all his favorite things, and then attacks him. He escapes to the Basement, where he will find items and fight off monsters and siblings alike to get power enough to stop Mom. Isaac will find holy and unholy items alike on his quest to defeat his mother. For example, ‘Brimstone’ will turn your tears into a monstrous beam of blood, and ‘The Bible’ will not only give you angel wings to fly over obstacles, it’ll kill Mom instantly.

The game was rejected by Nintendo for ‘controversial religious content’, however Sony wants it bad and hopefully that means PS3 and VITA support. Because that means a reason to buy a VITA.

I personally recommend buying the game first. For 5 dollars, the game has a lot to offer and a lot of achievements. After you beat the base game achievements, pick up Wrath of the Lamb, the $3 expansion back. It adds at least 100% more content and is well worth the money.

Also, what other game gives you extra damage by pissing out your attacks? Seriously.

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