Ryan Thomason

The Adventures of Eric and Goosh : Week of Crom Part 1

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Oh yes, Eric and Goosh get the week of Crom treatment. Prepare yourselves.

Goosh peered over the lip of the cliff, down into the pit of the abysmal cave, the only light coming from an altar to the god Set.

A wizard was walking about the crude construction, he was tall an gaunt, his eyes ever flicking, his mind lost and mad. Five young maidens struggled against the chains that bound them to a wall, just over obscene symbols to the dark god. They were all young, and very voluptuous. All of their clothing was torn, and some breasts were bare.

Goosh had to check to make sure his manhood wasn’t at attention.

The vile wizard turned to the girls and cackled gleefully, for the Dark Wizard Eric was ready to begin the rites.

“Oh great god Set, ruler of hell, I have come with my offering and will spill their blood against your most vile of rites!”

Goosh scrambled to his feet as Eric raised a wicked knife to one of the maidens throats.

“STOP! You fucking asshole!” Goosh shouted as he firmly landed a short distance from the wizard. Goosh carried a massive sword yet not much of else. His heavily muscular body heaved with every breath, and his loincloth had slowly stirred and part to the side.

“Damnit penis.” Goosh tried to adjust himself and stopped staring at the maidens. Who all eyed him lustfully and were eager to be rid of the chains.

“Who are you to interrupt my spell? I shall soon rise as ruler of the world once it is complete!”

“My penis will rise farther than you.” Goosh countered as he moved closer the where the dark ritual was taking place. He winked at the maidens.

“Never! I can summon devils from the dept of hell to crush you and these virgins will only further entrench my power!” Eric glowered at Goosh, as he readied himself for an attack.

“Yeah, about that….” Goosh could only grin.

“I’ve kinda…been in these caves for the last couple of days, and uhh, well, I’m kind into the whole bondage thing.”

Erics eyes went wide, as all the maidens started to giggle.

“You deflowered all my virgins while I held them captive?”

“BOOYAH!” Goosh thrusted his hips “Rite, spell, of doom and death or something ruined. Now, by Crom, I’ll deflower your….face….from your…head…or kill you! Then have some more sex with these ladies!”

Goosh growled as he rushed at the Dark Wizard Eric, who was now lost in a rage and just as ready for battle.

To be continued…

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