Ryan Thomason

The Adventures of Eric and Goosh: Sword fighting in the park (Part 1)

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Part one of probably one of my favorite little written comics to date

Eric is about the leave his house, looking over his shoulder to make sure that he had gathered everything that he needed. Eric nearly falls through the door as he was reaching for the door knob the door suddenly swung open outward. Goosh, who had opened the door in that split second was barreling his way into the house, and at the last second had a look on his face as if he had eaten something extremely sour in confusion and crashed into Eric, both went tumbling into the ground.

“The Hell?” Goosh said as he started to pick himself off the ground.

Eric sighed as he moved into a sitting position. “Well, Rocket Man, you opened the door right before I did and since you always seem to be in perpetual motion didn’t realize I was STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!”

The flash of confusion quickly left the face of Goosh, as he curiously picked up an odd looking shirt that had fallen out of Eric’s duffle bag. The shirt was black, with an Eagle emblem sewn into the front with a shield and crossed swords behind it.

“Are you going to a costume party and not telling me? You were going to hold out on a party where girls dress like slutty EVERYTHING in costume? Goosh asked.

Eric gritted his teeth as he snatched the shirt out of grasp of Goosh. “It’s a medieval knights training shirt replica, I’m….going to work out.”

“You. Are, working out. In a douchnossle shirt? You sit on a throne of lies, I’ve never seen you work out in the million years we’ve been friends.” Goosh mocked, his eyes going alight as he spotted what looked like a sword handle poking out of the duffle bag. Eric tried to pull it away at the moment he noticed what Goosh was looking at, but was too slow. Goosh removed what looked like a short sword, but was made out of wood.

“You’re joining that Sword Fighting Club! You’re going to be one of the guys in the park poking each other in the asses with your wooden swords! How cute, do the other guys cry to their mommy if they get a boo boo?” Goosh mocked right into the face of Eric.

“First off, they are still hard enough to hurt being wood and all, and it IS a good workout, the costume isn’t required, but I….wanted to get into it a little bit.” Eric replied, with part shame, and part humiliation on his face.

“WAIT!” Goosh shouted as he came to a realization, then turned and bolted up the stairs, taking them nearly two or three steps at a time.

Eric sighed as he gathered up his duffle bag once again, neatly folded up his ‘workout shirt’ and zipped the bag shut this time, not wanting a repeat of losing its contents. Eric put on his shoes, which were your standard sneakers, and was just about finished tying up the second shoe when he heard the loud thumping of feet flying down the stairs.

Goosh leaped off the second to last step and landed right in front of Eric, Goosh was wearing his white bed sheet over his head and whole body, it was tied at the waist by a length of rope that made Eric not want to ask why Goosh had rope in his room. Only the face of Goosh was visible with the exception of his hands.

“I’m coming with you!” Was all Goosh could say through panting, he had hustled to get the ensemble together.

“Didn’t you just insinuate that this was a wussy thing to do?” Eric asked, he could tell Goosh was up to something, and Eric had it on the cusps of his brain of figuring it out before Goosh went with a full reveal.

Goosh reached under his robe and pulled out the handle for a toy Light Saber, with a flick of his hand, the plastic pieces clicked out and the long green plastic sword grew alight as Goosh pressed the button that turned the light on.

“Vrrrorrooom! Vrrooooom! I’m going to beat your guys bitch ass’s all over the place!”

Eric opened his mouth to retort, but snapped it shut, he was flabbergasted, for the first time in a long he was at a lost for words. With a simple nod of his head, he motioned Goosh to exit through the door. With Goosh did, as he ran out the door and leaped off the front steps of the house and into the yard shouting.

“Force Jump!”

“This is going to be interesting…” Was all Eric could murmur as he followed behind at a steady pace, deciding not to leap off the steps as his compatriot did.

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