Ryan Thomason

The Adventures of Eric and Goosh: Post Apoc

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It’s Thursday, and time for Eric and Goosh. Enjoy your newest comic, which I just wrote, like, 10 minutes ago. I’ll get my shit together this weekend.

The engine was growling as Eric pushed on the accelerator hard, their current car was so heavily modified that it didn’t have any make or model other than metal, with metal on top of metal. Metal. The sun was shining brightly on the wasteland that surrounded them, sand blasted dunes ruled the landscape. A small swirl of sand playfully rose into the air as the wind blew over a dune close to them.

“ho fah id ih?” Came a muffled inquiry from Goosh, who was wearing a hockey helmet with one of those Jason Hockey masks over his face. He was leaning back in the passenger seat. Shirtless, but wearing black leather pants. His army boots were spiked at random intervals had gotten themselves stuck under the dashboard.

Eric looked over at him, his dark eyes leaving the road and looking at his companion with disgust. His outfit was entirely set for maximum benefits. A wide brimmed hat nearly covered his deep furrowed eyebrows, his concentration always paramount to their survival. “What’s that sad copy of Lord Humongous”

Goosh flipped up his mask, “Who’s that guy?”

“Someone far superior to you…..oohhh SHIT.”

Their car slid to a halt, ending with the passenger side facing a group of men that had sprung from behind a dune and suddenly blocked the road with a low spiked barrier.

“Let’s wastes these fuckers!” Goosh screamed as he flung the door open and stepped outside.

Immediately the road blocking men started laughing their asses off at Goosh’s outfit.

“Hey, I’m…like. Lord Humongo or something? I’m awesome, you wish you were me.” Goosh ran his hands over his body, much to the entertainment of the raiders.

Just then, a gunshot rang out from behind Goosh, Eric was holding a hunting rifle, and the lead raider fell to the ground from a shot right in his manhood. Quickly while on the surprise, the other two raiders dropped just as easily to the ground. The wind blew softly as the smoke curled from the rifle and spread into the sky, his scent of spent gunpowder heavy in the air.

Goosh immediately ran over to the first man that had been shot, and started hip trusting over his face. “Who’s funny now BEEYOTCH!”

“Goosh, tell me about the house we’re going to find.”

Without turning around, and still hip thrusting over the sobbing man, Goosh spoke his long recited story. “it’s going to be a white house, with a fence, and some fucking GRASS, not this sand shit, and I’m going to get some….

Eric raised the rifle and set his sights.

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