Ryan Thomason

The Adventures of Eric and Goosh: Handyman

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What happens when something needs to be fixed? You shouldn’t shouldn’t call Eric and Goosh.

Water. Water, Everywhere. The basement of Eric and Goosh’s house had entered a massive stage of flooding. While they had been passed out from heavy drinking, the water heater exploded and steadily their basement filled with water. Only when Eric stood at the top of the stairs and noticed the water lapping at the bottom stair did he realize that his comic book collection that was in a box had been ruined, which sent him into a spasm of fetal positioned crying.

Determined as ever, Eric took his tool box and waded through the wait high water. What, your basement isn’t that deep? Maybe she should have just turned off the water main, but that was too easy. Eric as smart, super smart according to local legends, as himself. He toiled over the gushing water spewing from the pipe at the breakage point. A screwdriver, box of nails and a set of plastic vampire teeth were of no use to him. He made a mental note to upgrade his tool box with actual useful tools.

His concentration was disrupted as Goosh, straddling a pink inflatable horse pool toy came floating over.

“Whats the problem there roomie? Take a massive poop that made our water line explode?”

Eric hissed, “Those two systems have no correlation to each other.”

“You know what will fix this?”

“If I tied your obnoxiously muscled body to the water pouring out and used you as a bandage on the pipe?”

“Duct Tape, dumbass” Goosh then paddled over to the source of the problem, making horse braying noises as he did so. When he reached the fountain of water, he quickly used the whole role of duct tape, while it didn’t stop the leak completely, it wasn’t gushing out like some solitude waterfall in the jungle.

“Good enough! Lets play some water polo!” Goosh made motions like he was spurring his horse into action, mostly just spraying Eric in water.

And that is how basement water polo was invented.

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