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The 100 on CW

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The CW has been doing things right recently, with their success of The Vampire Diaries and my favorite on the network, Arrow. The network seems to be growing out of its painful baby stage into an awesomely more mature network and with the gamble of their next sci-fi series The 100, I can only hope the hits continue.

The show’s star Isaiah Washington recently shared the premise of the show:

Before the nuclear holocaust happened to destroy the world, it takes 100 years for the world to heal itself. But in that time, there are about 400 individuals in space, in satellites, astronauts from around the world. When you see the Ark, it is a compilation of various satellites — from Belgium, from Russia, from all over the world — these people realized they had to get over their insecurities, their xenophobias; whatever it is, they had to work together to survive, and they brought all these different satellites together to survive. Cut to 97 years [later]. My generation has never set foot on Earth. I have a grandfather that was born on this Ark. That is our way of life. We’re coming to a problem where we need more resources. We’re about to exhaust all of the resources on the ship. My character comes up with an idea that as opposed to executing those [criminals] that turned 18, let’s send those criminals who used too much oxygen, too much food, whatever it is we need — we decide to send them down to Earth, to see if it is inhabitable.

To me it sounds like Fallout in space, the TV show. I’m pretty stoked to see what they do with it.

Quote courtesy of K Site.

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