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Tesla’s Coast-to-Coast Supercharger Network is Active

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An official announcement came from Tesla early yesterday letting the world know that the East meets West network of Supercharger power stations is active. If you’re wondering just what the hell a supercharger station is, it’s basically a “gas station” for Tesla cars that allows you to get a full charge in a relatively short time.

tesla supercharger map

The Model S is known to have an operating range of 265 EPA certified miles, 170 of which can be recharged (for free mind you) within 30 minutes of being plugged in. This means that essentially every pit stop that you take on your road trip allows time to recharge and stretch your legs while not costing you anything in gas. Right now, there are 71 stations active and is now possible for you to travel from one coast to the other via the network of charging stations.

By 2015, Tesla plans on having 98% of the United States covered with access to the power stations. I can’t wait for the company to come out with a more moderately priced model of car so that people like me who don’t exactly relish the idea of a $900+ car payment each month.


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