Jill Seale

Terraria Update Insists That You Deal With It; Brings Us Sunglasses and Other Goodies

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The second update to Terraria has hit with even more new content. On top of numerous bug fixes and tweaks to the multiplayer client, there are also some new items and enemies to find in your travels. The Sunglasses (and the black lenses from which they are made) are given to us straight up in the patch notes, but there is also some mysterious stuff hinted at. Fortunately for you, I have done all the internet detective work for you. Read on for the spoilericious details or go play the game and find them yourself.

Two new enemies, which can be found underground (apparently more frequently at deeper levels) appear in the game now: the Dead Miner and Tim. Dead Miners fight a lot like zombies, in that they just come up and try to nudge you to death. The cool thing about them is that they wear a miner’s helmet which generates a bit of light around them. They’ve got pretty average drops; nothing special. Tim, however, is a bit more special. He’s an enchanter (how clever) and he drops a Wizard’s Hat, which is the secret item for casters alluded to in the patch notes. The Wizard’s Hat increases all magic damage by 15% and looks pretty spiffy to boot. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the sunglasses do, the answer is nothing; that is, if you consider making the sun wear sunglasses nothing, which I don’t. I consider that pretty awesome.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and you can read the complete patch notes here. Now get out there and get spelunking, you slackers!

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