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Terra Nova Just As Confusing Since the Superbowl

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This new Steven Spielberg created Dinosaur/Time Travel show Terra Nova sounds like it’s just going to be a mess. We’ll still probably watch it so we can complain ab out said mess. It’s a vicious cycle. Minor Spoilers ahead.

Charlie Jane Anders — Steven Spielberg’s new TV show Terra Nova may look like Avatar, but actor Stephen Lang explained to us why his character is nothing like the hard-ass he played in James Cameron’s hit movie.
If you didn’t know already, the world is a polluted, dystopian future and people have been time traveling to the past, like 85 million years into the past. This is the tenth “pilgrimage” to the Cretaceous era, and it will bring the number of colonists in the past to 1,000.

So how does this time travel work? Executive producer Brannon Braga explains that a supercollider accidentally opens a crack in time that led to the past, which they eventually figure out how to widen. And Commander Nathaniel Taylor (Lang) is the first person to explore through the rift. But it only opens intermittently – and it’s a one-way journey. Once through, you can never return. Ok, so….yeah, SCIENCE?

Braga, who if you look at his background, wrote many time-travel episodes of Star Trek over the years, has said that the ramifications of time travel are the main thing he gets asked about. It does seem like they will try to put a nail on the whole “butterfly effect” question early on:

What’s the plan? Is it the Butterfly Effect? Are they going to try and change the future? Those questions will be answered early on. We’re trying something very different with the time travel… new and hopefully cool…

At least it looks like the dinosaurs will be different than what we normally get, as they are doing feathered dinosaurs for the show. Which should at least make things LOOK different than we’re used to. Though when you have actors who are in dinosaur suits doing the action for the CG, yeah, it’s going to get interesting. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any more information that comes down the pipeline.

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