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Telltale’s The Walking Dead Confirmed for Third Season

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The-Walking-Dead-ep-4-radioComing in hot off the heels of the Season 5 trailer for The Walking Dead at SDCC last week, Skybound Entertainment (the company that publishes the comics for TWD) revealed that Telltale Games will be making a third season of the extremely popular and IMO best tie-in games ever made.
Considering the company has yet to finish Season 2 and the other two titles that they’re planning on shipping this year alone, it’s a safe bet to assume that we won’t be seeing this out until mid to late 2015…which is fine by my as long as the quality holds out.

If you’ve never seen the game in action, I know for certain you can get the first episode of season 1 via Google Play for most Android devices and I’m assuming you can for iOS as well…for FREE. It’s a good way to be introduced to the characters and isn’t a bad way to spend an hour or so.



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