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Teen Wolf: Season Two Recap

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Season Four of MTV’s Teen Wolf premieres Monday, June 23 at 10/9c! I recapped Season One HERE. This recap may contain spoilers, beware.


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Teen Wolf Season One ended with Lydia in the hospital after being attacked by Peter. We aren’t sure what is wrong with her, but after a disturbing hallucination (which includes thick, inky liquid and handfuls of hair coming from the shower drain), she disappears from the hospital window, and Stiles (who has been protecting her and totally crushing on her) rushes to her room. All we hear is Lydia’s scream echoing through the woods.

We then meet Isaac, a teenager whose father abuses him. While working in his father’s cemetery, he is attacked and Derek saves him…and maybe gives him a little bite?

Back to school now. Scott and Allison are still together but are having to hide their relationship from her parents because they don’t like that Scott is a werewolf (remember that they hunt werewolves). Jackson arrives at school looking totally hot and uber confident, but soon trouble arises: he begins to bleed black blood, which actually looks quite similar to the nastiness that was in Lydia’s drain, and Derek shows up to tell him that he is fighting the werewolf bite.

At Kate’s funeral, we meet the very intimidating Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan), Allison’s uncle. After a heart attack victim who was en-route to the hospital in an ambulance is attacked, Scott, Stiles, and Derek attempt to figure out who did it. A lonely Omega werewolf is trapped in one of the Argents traps and they believe he’s the culprit. Our boys must watch as he declares a war on werewolves, innocent or not, by slicing the werewolf in half. Later, Lydia shows up at the scene, naked, after being alone in the woods for two days. Gerard becomes the new principal at Beacon Hills High School, and Allison’s mother takes up a substitute principal position.

Now we find out that Isaac has been turned into a werewolf. After his father is murdered by some creature, Isaac is taken into custody. Derek and Stiles break him out of prison, of course.



Allison and Scott are confronted by the creepy creature (he scurries along on ceilings. *shudders*), but it doesn’t want to fight and flees the scene. Jackson, who’s been waking up with these horrible nose bleeds, wants to know if he’s actually a werewolf, so on the full moon, he films himself at night, but the camera shows that nothing happened during the night. Later, we find out that over two hours of the video footage is missing (uh oh!!). Lydia, who’s been having hallucinations since being bitten by Peter, realizes she’s been hallucinating a young Peter, who’s somehow able to lure Derek back to the Hale house to be resurrected.

At the same time, Scott and Allison are caught by Allison’s mother, Victoria (Eaddy Mays), which puts Scott in danger. Derek saves him by biting Victoria, who kills herself instead of being a werewolf. Gerard manipulates Allison’s grief by making her a ruthless werewolf hunter.

Derek continues adding to his new pack as the Alpha. He bites Erica, the frumpy girl with epilepsy who has panic attacks, and Boyd, the shy, poor student who works at the ice skating rink. Of course, they both make a complete 180 and are now super confident. Stiles becomes paralyzed by the mysterious creature while taking his Jeep in for repairs and witnesses the creature killing the repairman. Derek is later paralyzed and Stiles must rescue him after he falls in the pool at school. When they see that the creature can’t swim, Derek figures out that the mysterious creepy-crawler in town is a Kanima, a creature created by a mutation in lycanthropy, who are controlled by someone else.


Derek thinks Lydia is the Kanima because she was immune to Peter’s bite. After Scott, Stiles, and Jackson save her, it turns out that (surprise, surprise), Jackson is the Kanima, and the gang realize all of the victims had been part of the swim team and the coach of the team had been Isaac’s father, which explains why he’d been murdered. The Kanima’s master turns out to be Matt, the guy who lent Jackson the video camera! Matt wants revenge on the swim team, who included Isaac, because they left him to drown in the pool at a party despite the fact that he told them he couldn’t swim. Gerard ends up drowning Matt in the river and becomes the Kanima’s new master.

Gerard, being the great guy he is, threatens to kill someone at a lacrosse game unless Scott brings Derek to him. The hunters kidnap Stiles and Boyd and Erica, who’d left Derek because they didn’t feel safe. Stiles escapes (yay!). Allison’s father, Chris, realizes that Allison has been corrupted by Gerard when he finds her relentlessly shooting arrows into Boyd. Chris sets Boyd and Erica free and helps Scott and his friends to bring the Kanima to Derek after they found Jackson bleeding; he’d stabbed himself with his own claws.

Gerard ends up asking Derek to bite him because he is dying of cancer. Should Gerard become a werewolf and then kill Derek, he’d become the Alpha. Obviously no one wants that to happen, so Scott had switched Gerard’s cancer meds to Mountain Ash, which repels anything supernatural. This forces Gerard’s body to reject the werewolf bite. Gerard is about to force Jackson to kill the people who betrayed him, but Lydia, who we find out is the only one who could help Jackson (as he loves her), reaches out to him and he becomes a new kind of werewolf as Gerard disappears.

Allison, feeling regret for the things she’s done, breaks up with Scott but he says he’ll wait. Peter reveals that a new Alpha pack has arrived in town, and Erica and Boyd are captured by them.

Okay, woah. So Peter is back from the dead, there’s a pack of Alphas in town, Jackson is some new kind of blue-eyed werewolf, and Allison and Scott are broken up? What the heck is happening?

This season was incredible. From having a seriously scary bad guy (Gerard) to creepy-crawly lizard monsters, this season had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Also, my love for Stiles was cemented in this season. He’s so completely loyal to his friends and his crush on Lydia (which I don’t understand because she’s just not a nice person most of the time) was adorable. Stiles (and Dylan O’Brien) are hilarious, quirky, sweet, and smart: he’s always the one who seems to work out the problems. Stiles is always there. It may not seem like it from the recap, but he’s always there to help Scott and his friends. His personality is a bit of the class clown (and trust me, he’s super adorkable, witty, and sarcastic, and oh my goodness, I love him), but he seems to always be a step ahead and figures out the problems. Also:

Stiles - Season 2

The acting vastly improved in this season, and I was ridiculously impressed by Michael Hogan (Gerard) and JR Bourne (Chris Argent). Great all around season.

Stay tuned for my Teen Wolf Season Three recap. That was my favorite season so far, and, boy, is it phenomenal.

Here’s the trailer for Teen Wolf Season Four again. If my recaps aren’t enough to draw you in, the trailer should be.

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