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Teen Wolf: Season 4 Finale “Smoke and Mirrors”

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In which I recap and review the season 4 finale of Teen Wolf, “Smoke and Mirrors,” which aired on September 8!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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“Smoke and Mirrors” begins with Kira waking up in her cell in Mexico. She finds that the door to her cell is open so she heads out into the hallway to find Scott. And she does. He’s fully become a berserker and he attacks her.

Kate shows up and apparently it was story time. She tells Kira that when she escaped the Calaveras, she was drawn to this place, which name means “Smoke and Mirrors.” The berserkers took care of her and eventually she realized that she could not only control them but create them as well. Kate decides she must be sure of her abilities by testing Scott’s loyalty. It works and he stabs Kira. Roll opening credits.

Stiles tries to convince his father that they must go back to Mexico to save Scott and Kira. Papa Stilinski is the sheriff so he wants to do things the legal way. Stiles argues, but they come to an agreement: Sheriff Stilinski will contact another office to see if they come up with anything, and if not, he’ll head to Mexico with Stiles.

Derek and Braeden are preparing for a fight by packing up all the guns they can find. Derek doesn’t think he’ll come back alive, but Braeden isn’t down with that. Peter comes in of course to tell them that berserkers are pretty much impossible to kill.

Stiles searches Scott’s room to find something Malia can sniff to help her track down Scott. Stiles offers up some boxers, but Malia picks up his pillow case. Liam shows up to help rescue his Alpha. Stiles doesn’t want him to because it’s the night of the full moon, but Liam insists. They need to find a bigger trunk to put him in.

The group meets up in a warehouse where Braeden’s brought a prison van – you guys, she actually is a US Marshall. Who would’ve thought?!

Lydia is at the school to get Kira’s jacket to help Malia track her scent, but of course she’s attacked by a Berserker. The group doesn’t know and when they can’t reach her, Liam sends Mason to look, but he’s attacked too.

Liam starts to shift in the van, so Derek hands him the talisman that was an “ancient” artefact from his family (remember that it’s useless). Derek gets Stiles to help him lie to Liam to keep him calm.


Kira is dying from the wound that Scott inflicted. Her mom appears to her to tell her that she must kick start the healing process – with pain. Kira breaks off a piece of the wall to help.

Back at the school, Mason wakes up to find that he and Lydia are trapped by the berserker.

Liam is still unable to control his shift and he breaks free. The car is swerving and it looks like things are about to get really bad when Stiles gets him to repeat Satomi’s mantra. What three things cannot be long hidden? “The sun, the moon, the truth.” Liam controls himself.

The group arrives at La Iglesia. Derek gets out of the van and is instantly attacked by a berserker. He is severely wounded but he tells the others to save Scott. Braeden stays with him. Stiles’ dad calls him and is furious that he went to Mexico. Again. He comes around though and Stiles sends him to the school to find Lydia and Mason.

Time for a showdown. Parrish, Argent, AND the Calaveras show up to fight Kate and the berserkers. While all this is going down, Stiles finds Kira who tells him that Kate turned Scott into a berserker. Derek smiles at Braeden and closes his eyes. MTV decided this was a perfect time for a commercial. Way to give me severe anxiety, MTV.

Lydia decides that her and Mason need to go after the berserker with a baseball bat. Obviously this doesn’t work, but Sheriff Stilinski shows up with a freaking bomb to blow up the berserker. Lydia realizes this was a distraction to stop her from going with the group to Mexico and telling them they’re fighting Scott.

The group in Mexico is fighting Scott and it looks like they’re about to kill him. Thankfully, Stiles and Kira run into the room at the perfect moment to tell them it’s Scott. Scott gets up and pins Liam to the wall. Liam saves his Alpha (and his own life) by telling Scott that he’s not a monster, he’s “a werewolf. Like me.” D’awwww.

Scott’s Alpha-ness breaks free and he is able to rip off the berserker mask. He realizes that this whole time it was Peter who was behind everything. Peter taught Kate about the berserkers and the power she possessed. Peter admits that all he wanted was to restore the power to his family. We all know that’s not true and he did it to restore the power for himself. He says he’s always been the Alpha. He transforms and he’s probably the ugliest werewolf we’ve ever seen.


Back out in the showdown with Kate, Braeden is shooting people over Derek’s body. It looks like everyone is about to die when a black wolf jumps into the fight and takes Kate down (Derek’s body is gone). He shifts back and he tells Kate that he didn’t die; he was evolving. He kills a berserker instead of killing Kate, who is shot by Chris yet still escapes.

Peter and Scott are fighting. Peter looks like he’s about to kill Scott, but when Peter throws a church pew at Liam who had stepped up to help, Scott realizes he’s fighting for his pack. Scott tells Peter that he was never an Alpha but was always a monster. Peter is angry, but before he can do anything, Scott knocks him out.

The end of the episode ties up (most) of the questions we had with a nice little bow. Chris tells Scott he made a deal with the Calaveras that he must catch Kate for them so he leaves with them. Peter is still alive (unfortunately) but is unconscious. We find out that Braeden really was a US Marshall but she got too obsessed with a mission and had to leave. When asked what her mission was, she said she knows nothing except for a code name: the Desert Wolf!!

At home, Kira’s father made her her first tail – out of the obsidian she broke off the wall to heal herself. Coach yells at Scott, Stiles, and Liam for missing practice, but relents and tells Scott and Stiles they need to look after Liam. Scott obviously already does. :)

Lydia gives Parrish the bestiary which they’ve bound into a book. She tells him that she wants to help him figure out what exactly he is. I was kind of upset that we didn’t find out this season, but it just means we’ll have Parrish around longer, and I’m definitely okay with that.

We find ourselves at Eichen House again. Peter is locked up and drugged on wolfsbane. The best part, however, is his cellmate: Dr. Valack, the dude with the third eye in his forehead.

The season ends with Peter screaming to get out.


What an incredible season. I won’t lie, my favorite is still season 3 part 2, but this was a pretty epic season, and “Smoke and Mirrors” was a wonderful way to wrap it up.

I cannot wait for season 5: Derek is an actual wolf; Peter is locked up and hopefully going crazy (not that he wasn’t already crazy); Parrish is hopefully some new, exciting supernatural creature; and Stiles will be there. That’s all I need really: Stiles.

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