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Teen Wolf: Season 1 Recap

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Season Four of MTV’s Teen Wolf premieres Monday, June 23 at 10/9c! I’ll be recapping the first three season here on WatchPlayRead over the next three days for anyone who hasn’t watched it and as a refresher for those who do. Okay, I’m mostly recapping it because I’M FREAKING OUT and I need other people to talk to about it. I’m going to go pretty in depth because, personally, I like all the details.

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FAIR WARNING: There will be spoilers. I repeat, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

I actually started watching Teen Wolf right before Season Three premiered. I’d been seeing the commercials for the new season and thought they looked really good. The first two seasons happened to be On Demand so I binge watched both of them before Season Three started. Obviously, I was impressed right from the start and I’m a big fan of the show now. I can’t wait for Season Four to begin!

It all starts with Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey). Scott is your average teenager: his parents are divorced; he’s an average student; he has asthma. One night his jokester best friend Stiles Stilinski (played by the ridiculously talented Dylan O’Brien and my absolute favorite character) finds out that the police (his father is the sheriff) have discovered half of a corpse in the woods (gross!). They go to investigate and Scott is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. I was worried when I first started watching the show that the special effects were going to be super cheesy and, well, bad. Okay, so there a little cheesy, but overall I was impressed with the werewolves and transformations. Scott begins to develop supernatural abilities, like enhanced speed and senses. These new abilities allow him to be a total BOSS on his lacrosse team and he becomes captain. His new skills gain the respect of Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), the popular girl, and then the disdain of her boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes). Later in the season Jackson learns that Scott is a werewolf and he concocts a plan to become one as well so that he may match Scott’s new-found lacrosse abilities (you know, because that’s what matters). Scott also begins to develop a relationship with the new girl, Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), but, uh oh: her father is a werewolf hunter and Allison doesn’t know. Allison and Scott kind of had an insta-love connection, which I pretty much hate, but they’re a cute couple.

Scott and Allison

Scott learns through fellow Beta werewolf, Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin who looks like he could be a werewolf in real life. A super hot werewolf), that he was bitten by an Alpha werewolf on a murdering spree. Derek is back in town because of the half a corpse, which they discover is Derek’s sister, Laura. Most of Derek’s family died in a mysterious fire 6 years previously; only Derek, his sister, and his uncle survived. When a woman winds up dead in town, Scott goes to Derek because Scott thinks Derek killed her. Derek tells him that the Alpha is hunting Scott because he wants Scott to be a member of his pack.

Scott’s werewolf transformations start to get in the way of everyday life, so Stiles helps him control them by realizing the transformations are related to his heart rate and helping him to control it (by throwing baseballs at him and telling him to calm down). They find out that love and romance can actually control his transformations (*rolls eyes*), and this is when Scott realizes he loves Allison. Later Derek comes looking for Scott and finds Jackson. Jackson won’t tell him where he is, so Derek grabs him by the neck and accidentally scratches him with his claws. This is what happens next. EW!

Jackson after Derek

Scott, Stiles, and Derek decide to go to the school to try to hunt down the Alpha werewolf with no preparation or plan (what a great idea!). Derek and Stiles are being chased by the Alpha when Allison shows up because she was supposed to meet with Scott and he sends her a text asking her to meet him at the school; we all know it wasn’t actually a text from Scott. She shows up and confronts him for lying to her all the time. Scott leaves to go fight the Alpha, who attacks him but doesn’t hurt him. He realizes that the Alpha is trying to get him to kill his friends, who are his pack, and join him instead. Scott and Allison break up and Scott has a bunch of problems with trying to control his wolf side and not kill his friends.

Derek betrays Scott (RUDE) by luring him into a meeting with Peter (Ian Bohen), Derek’s uncle who we find out is the Alpha. Peter scratches Scott, who has a vision that reveals Allison’s werewolf-hunting aunt, Kate (Jill Wagner), is the one who burned down the Hale’s house and that Peter is the one who killed Derek’s sister, Laura, to become the Alpha. Derek doesn’t know it was Peter. Derek ends up being caught by Kate, and he finds out that she only got close to him (they use to be in a relationship) in order to kill his family. What a backstabbing wench!

While this is happening, the kids are at a dance. Scott and Allison make up; while they are making out on an empty school bus, Allison’s dad finds them. Scott turns into a wolf, and Allison freaks out. At the same time, Lydia, who was chasing Jackson (who’d just broken up with her), is attacked by Peter and then taken to the hospital. We don’t know what happened to her yet. Scott finds and rescues Derek and reveals the truth about Peter; the two are going to save Allison when they are attacked by Kate…and Allison (nooooo!). Kate shoots Derek and tries to get Allison to kill Scott. Allison’s dad actually rolls up and saves Scott because he’s never hurt anyone. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this, but it was a welcome transformation.

Peter arrives and they all team up to kill him, as he’s the Alpha. Peter grabs Kate and forces her to apologize for killing his family. She does, but he kills her anyway (by slitting her throat. Gross). Jackson and Stiles show up and Jackson throws a Molotov cocktail at him (dude, where did he even get one of those?) and Allison shoots it to blow it up. He’s not quite dead, so Scott kicks him. Derek shows up and kills Peter. He becomes the Alpha.

Scott and Stiles visit Lydia in the hospital and her wound hasn’t healed. She’s obviously not a werewolf, but they don’t know what she is. The season ends when Jackson goes to visit Derek and begs Derek to help him as he helped Derek kill Peter. Derek smiles and bites him.

Right from the start of the season, I was impressed with this show. Yes, there’s typical high school drama, several clichés, and some iffy acting, but there are also fantastic story lines, AMAZING actors (see: Dylan O’Brien and Ian Bohen), and a lot of room for great character and plot development. I thought Jackson’s story was interesting, and at the end of the season, I was looking forward to seeing what happened with him next. Why did he have werewolf claws coming out of his mouth? What exactly was Lydia? And could I see some more Stiles, please?

The show had me hooked and so I immediately started watching Season Two, of course (which I’ll be recapping tomorrow).

Check out the trailer for Season Four of Teen Wolf below. It looks amazing.

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