Ryan Thomason

Tech Dork: Phillips 12 watt Endura LED Bulb

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Alright, I’m a geek for tech, and I’m even more interested in stuff that can be considered what you might call “green tech”. While this light bulb might not be the next thing in energy conservation it is a attempt at making the standard 60watt bulb that your great grandfather grew up finally get taken off the shelves.

This is the 12-watt EnduraLED from Philips, designed as a replacement for the common 60-watt incandescent bulb. It will be available in early December at Home Depot for between $40 and $50, according to Philips.

It gives off 806 lumens and has a color index of 2700 Kelvin, nutshell: a nice soft light. The aluminum ridges, or fins, along the side act as a heat sink. Higher temperatures will cut the life of LEDs so cooling is necessary. Yes, this is JUST A LIGHTBULB. It just looks cool, and dammit I hope that pricing point is for something like a 20 pack.

This is what will be going off over my head when I come up with an idea.

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