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Team Ico HD Bundle in 2011? – Rumor

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come yorda, walk with me into the land of blu-rays!

There’s been massive mutterings on the internet this morning about the guys from Team Ico potentially ruining the aftermarket demand for their classic games by releasing updated versions of both of their epic-mega-hit-fanboy-defining PlayStation 2 games for the PS3 in full HD and on Blu-ray.

VG247 blasted the news earlier this morning, and was quickly followed by a news story at TSA about the potential release window for said bundle (1st quarter 2011). I can only hope that this turns out to be more than just mere rumor and comes to fruition. Not only would it make a great way to lead people into their new game The Last Guardian, but it’d make retrotards like me happy to play them all over again in glorious HD.

I think it probably goes without saying, but Shadow of the Colossus and Ico were the two rare games that genuinely moved me whilst playing them. I can only hope that TLG does the same. Knowing Fumito Ueda…it will.

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