Ryan Thomason

Tea Baggers need to stop being pussies.

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Screaming Tea BaggerSeriously guys, I’ m getting really tired of listening to you cry all over my lawn.  Your salty tears are killing my grass and it’s not getting us anywhere.  You talk about how there is a revolution or some kind of second coming of Jesus soon, I don’t see either.  I’ve got guns too, so go ahead and start you’re stupid “war”.  Myself and America will be mopping your asses all over the place.

You know what I DO see? A bunch of scared ass old white people flailing their arms in hysteria about nothing.  Sorry that us young people voted in a half-black guy as president, and that there is a woman in the top spot of the House of Representatives.  Sorry, though, for you Tea Baggers, it’s going to go downhill from here, because my generation has no problem with changing things up.  Hell, we expect a new version every year of products we buy over and over, with a high expectation of a better product. Of course that is going to carry over into our politics.  Either get better, faster, and more respondent to our generational user or see your shelf life end.

I know you guys still circle jerk about how awesome your childhoods where back in the 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s, but that childhood never existed as you remember it.  Coming to age in the early 90’s, we had it better. Video Games, MTV, Ninja Turtles, and Star Trek/Wars, those were better to have than whatever illusion you have of your childhood.

I don’t think you Tea Baggers ever had movies/TV shows growing up where there was woman or black presidents in any movie set in a time frame beyond the year 2000. I saw that all my life.  Every time I saw a gray speckled haired white guy playing the president in my movie growing up, I took it as far off from my vision of the future than if it were someone in the minority by our social definitions.   Now that I’m of voting age, I see a problem when my choices are all bland, white, men.   Having someone who totally defrays from that stereotype as President of the United States, only makes me think that we are finally moving toward the future.

Now, Tea Baggers, you’re probably thinking that because of video games, TV shows, or Movies that depicted anybody other than an old white guy as ruling the USA is merely a campaign to indoctrinate.  Sorry, it’s social change, and you just happen to be the odd man looking in on the coolest party in town from behind a glass wall.  Go ahead and try to press your face into the glass as hard as you can, we’re still not going to let you in, you wouldn’t GET IT anyways.  Hell, I might smack the glass really hard so that it stings a bit but at least you’re not getting snot all over my glass.

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