Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 dated

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To say that Telltale Games has perfected the art of episodic content would not be an overstatement. The fine folks over there have consistently released the episodes of their games in a timely manner, and Tales of Monkey Island is no different. After the first chapter, Launch of the Screaming Narwhale, was released in July we have seen a new episode every month, and today it was announced when this month we will see chapter 3, Lair of the Leviathan, and that is September 29.

So, a little less than two weeks and we will get to continue our adventures as the classic Guybrush Threepwood. I’m not sure what Lair of the Leviathan will have in store for us, but look at that picture. That is a huge fuckin’ manatee. Awesome. Finally, I can’t say much, but keep your eyes peeled on the site tomorrow for some pretty sweet Tales of Monkey Island news. Trust me on this one people.

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