Robert Chesley

Tales from #MTG – Resurrection

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magicThe Magic community on Twitter is amazing. If you’re a Magic player and you’re not actively on Twitter you need to start. Wizards is a unique company that actually engages their fans through social media platforms. I’ve had my questions personally answered by the Lead Designer of the game that I enjoy playing several times and this is just par for the course when you fire up Twitter. I also loved a certain article series that was created by @RevisedAngel that each week she would curate twenty tweets that defined the Magic community pulse in an easy to digest article that was loved by all. She moved on to bigger and better things and it seems like that style of article is no longer being written. It was required reading for me each week and I am resurrecting the format because I loved it. So here it is, the first edition of Tales from #MTG.

As always, you can find me on twitter @Urzishra.

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