Evan Burkey

NIS Releases New Disgaea 4 Trailer, Fans Everywhere Take A Dump On Common Sense

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NIS has released a new trailer for the upcoming strategy RPG Disgaea 4, and as usual it’s full of insane manliness and badass reasons why you should be interested in the latest from our favorite grindfest series. Hit the jump to check out the insane trailer which shows off some of Disgaea 4‘s new features.

I friggin’ love Nippon Ichi America’s trailers for the Disgaea games. They’re always ridiculous and over the top, and this one holds up. Quotes like “Lets take a dump on common sense!”, “Go Disgaea 4, you are number one!” and ” we promise a copy in every home!” make the video. Some of the new features include online map sharing, base building, and monster combos. This is easily a day one purchase for me, but then again I’m a huge fan of the series. Anyone else pumped for the latest grindtastic release from NIS?

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