ADEQUATELY-SIZED PODCAST: Episode 1, “Alice in Wonderland”

ADEQUATELY-SIZED PODCAST: Episode 1, “Alice in Wonderland”

Listen to Chris and Cooper’s review of Alice in Wonderland while Ben hates on Tim Burton. Ben reviews the newly released to DVD Where the Wild Things Are. Chris and Chad enlighten us with their philosophies surrounding the old school Clash of the Titans (hint: BOOBS!).

 Ryan Wilson

Morning Cup o’ Indie

Ending the work week with a double shot of some epic indie tunes.  The first song may sound very familar to everyone, as it was redone recently for the Where the Wild Things Are theatrical trailer.  Here’s The Arcade Fire with “Wake Up” in its raw original form. Today’s second song is “Myriad Harbour” by […]

 Alan Smithee

Somedays, I hate this Industry

I know movie licensed games are a necessary evil, I’ve been putting up with them for as long as I can remember…yeah who else remembers the horrible movie games we got on the NES like Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice, and Total Recall? I certainly do and while I in no way see this game […]


Where The Wild Things Are – Trailer 2

I’m excited for this, I know Excremento is excited for this and hopefully you guys are all excited for this film as well.  In the latest trailer we get introduced to most of the Wild Things who all look amazing and the visual style of the trailer continues to get me amazingly hyped for the […]


Warner Brothers annouces San Diego Comic Con schedule

Warner Brothers annouces San Diego Comic Con schedule

Details are beginning to leak out from the big studios regarding what they are planning to show off at this years SDCC and Warner Brothers have announced the full schedule, there’s a couple of things here that make me really wish I was going.  Warner Brothers are taking over Hall H all day on Friday […]