Ryan Thomason

Batman goes abstract, damn French

Checking around at DC to see what was coming out this week I came across this, and even though I haven’t picked up any of the issues in this run, I’m sad that I didn’t. Has anybody been checking this out?

 Alan Smithee

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – Movie News

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – Movie News

It should be no secret to anyone who checks this website often and listens to our podcasts, we’re all fanboys for JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot production company. We’re even bigger fans of the television series Lost and its co-creators Cuse and Lindelof who up until the last month or so were set to […]

 Ryan Wilson

Morning Cup o’ Alternative

Here’s a song that has been somewhat lost over time, even though it won a Grammy Award.  A great song stuck in a shitty movie, Batman and Robin.  “The End is the Beginning is the End” later resurfaced in yet another superhero movie in the trailer for Watchmen, with altered lyrics, a slower pace, and […]