Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition listed on BBFC

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Yep, you may be buying Street Fighter IV for a THIRD time before you know it.Contrary to Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono’s reluctance to speak about a home port of the recent Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV, the BBFC put a listing on their website yesterday detailing a SSFIV Arcade Edition, rated 12. It lists that there will be new cutscenes in the game and the game passed the rating process without any cuts being made.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is currently only available in Japanese Arcades. It added four new fighters. Those were Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III and as secret bosses were Evil Ryu and a new character called Oni. More character balancing was also made to this edition, with some characters getting new EX moves.

Would it honestly be surprising to see yet another version of Street Fighter IV on the market? I mean it’s not like it could just be made as DLC or anything.

Source: BBFC

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