Evan Burkey

Super Robot Wars Z2 Gives Us 20 More Minutes Of Kickass Mecha Fighting

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With April 14th just around the corner, mecha nerds everywhere have been drooling with anticipation for the new Super Robot Wars game. Then Banpresto had to go and give us 20 more minutes of attack animations and pumping synth renditions of anime theme songs… how dare they. Hit the jump to check out this awesome new fight animation video.

Super Robot Wars Z2 is the latest mecha-featuring tactical RPG in the long-lived series from Banpresto. The game comes out in Japan this Thursday, and you better believe I’ve got a copy reserved. Due to the insane amount of licensing issues, we will never see these games come to the states (at least the ones that have licensed mecha in them), so we just suck it up and learn the necessary Japanese to play these awesome games. Is anyone else looking forward to this game, or am just I a lone mecha fan in a sea of less nerdy nerds?

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