Summer Movie Preview – Part 4: August

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Summers over! At least for the summer movie season as the action movies start winding down and we move into the award season, August is bringing us the newest property based on a toy; G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and the latest Tarantino release;  Inglorious Basterds as well the Peter Jackson produced alien movie; District 9.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Release date: 7 August (Worldwide)
Director:  Stephen Sommers
Written by: Stuart Bettie & David Elliot
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Christopher Eccleston

Based on the popular American toy series, G.I. Joe tells the story of an elite group of soldiers carrying out special operations wherever they are needed in the world. The film not surprising tells about the rise of the Cobra organisation and their plans for world domination with the G.I. Joe unit trying to stop them.  I was prepared to forget about this film the second it got announced but when I read it is directed by Stephen Sommers I figured I’ll give it a chance.  Stephen Sommers isn’t a great director but the first Mummy movie is a goofy, fun adventure movie and if he manages to capture some of the fun and style from that film we could at least be in for an enjoyable, explosion filled movie.


District 9

Release date: 14 August (US) 4 September (UK)
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Written by: Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell
Starring: William Allen Young & Robert Hobbs

Neill Blomkamp was the director behind the awesome Halo short film, Landfall.  This was meant to lead into Blomkamp directing the Peter Jackson produced big budget Halo movie which is now pretty much dead in the water because of the escalating budget.  We are now getting District 9 a film based on a popular short film; Alive in Jo’berg, one of Blomkamps first endeavors as a director. The film tells the story of aliens who have arrived on Earth by mistake and mean us no harm, rather than being greeted with open arms they are held on Earth in slums and forced labor camps whilst their technology is utilized by the sinister Multi National United corporation.  The trailers and images released so far seem to indicate that the film has been shot in a documentary style which is a very different approach to the way alien stories are shown and should provide some interesting and thought provoking scenes.  If the film is successful it’ll be interesting to see if Blomkamp and Jackson are given the green light for the Halo as that’s the one game I would like to see turned into a film.


Inglorious Basterds

Release date: 21 August (Worldwide)
Director: Quentin Taratino
Writen by:  Quentin Taratino
Starring:  Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Diane Kruger & Mike Myers

Taratinos’ take on the World War 2 epic tells the story of the Basterds, a group of Jewish American soldiers dropped deep into Nazi occupied France with the mission of killing (and scalping) as many Nazi soldiers as they can in the most vicious ways possible.  I cannot wait for this movie,  and I’m really hoping Tarantino just runs wild with the idea and we get some bloody, over the top violence.  Judging by the trailer it looks like the cast, Brad Pitt & Eli Roth in particular are having a ball.  Tarantino is already calling it a masterpiece and although it’s not released until the end of the summer it is being shown at the Cannes film festival at the end of this month so I’m guessing that we’ll find out if it’s a masterpiece pretty soon.

Indie Pick of the Month


The Time Travellers Wife

Release date: 14 August (Worldwide)
Director: Robert Schwentke
Written by: Bruce Joel Rubin & Audrey Niffenegger
Starring: Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams

The Time Travellers Wife in my opinion is one of the most beautiful books ever written.  It tells the story of Henry (Bana) a librarian who involuntarily time travels, and the love of his life Clare (McAdams).  The love story spans the decades of both their lives and it’ll be interesting to see how the book transfers to the big screen as the book is very visual at times, particularly in the descriptions of where they meet and the situations that Henry ends up in every time he travels.  I’m hoping that the film finds the audience it deserves, the books popular enough and it’s much more than a date movie which is what I’m praying this film doesn’t get marketed as because it’s much more than that.

That’s it for the summer and this preview this is what’s going to be keeping me indoors on those hot summer days, what have I missed? What I you most excited about this summer?  Let us know in the forums.

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