Atlus Announces New Shin Megami Tensei for Nintendo DS

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Atlus USA announced via their official forums today a new entry in their very awesome Shin Megami Tensei series headed for the DS like Devil Survivor earlier this year.

From the announcement:

“In the near future, a mysterious, growing, black void appears at the Earth’s southern pole. Unable to determine its cause and powerless to stop its deadly encroachment, humanity sends an elite team of explorers into the heart of the phenomenon, just as Strange Journey’s look and feel represent a return to the heart of Shin Megami Tensei, bringing to mind the all-time classic Nocturne™. With over 300 demons to bribe, coerce, and negotiate with to gain assistance in battle, Strange Journey is every bit the deep, rewarding RPG experience fans have come to expect from the SMT franchise, yet delivered with a fresh new sci-fi story that taps into mature themes of morality and introspection.”

The first thing that comes to mind after reading this is I need to get around to finishing Nocturne. Surely leading a team of explorers into a black hole will provide for some pretty crazy crap, kind of reminds me of how Evangelion starts. I would say “I hope it turns out good” but it’s Atlus and it’s SMT so it’s bound to be amazing.

Strange Journey is currently set for a March 10, 2010 release. You can find the whole low down here.

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