Alan Smithee

Steam Wants All Your Money

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If you’re anything like the staff here at WPR, you find yourself stocking up on all sorts of PC games from Steam whenever they have those insanely priced game sales…well starting today, they’re going to do that EVERYDAY.

That’s right, the same crazy service that has turned us all into PC game hoarders who think that they’ll make time one day to actually play the games they buy at the discounted rate has started their every day a sale campaign that will be going on everyday all year long.

The first one up for grabs is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which they’re offering for only $5.00…that’s a 75% discount! This is only the beginning and you’d better hurry because this deal will only be up for another couple of hours before it’s replaced by something else.

If you want to keep track of what the deal is, there’s always their main page (look to the sidebar), their Facebook page, and Twitter. They’ll be updating them daily, so get ready to go broke fellow hoarders!

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