Steam Sales Part Three: GTA IV Complete Edition is 75% off

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YOU CAN GO BOWLING WITH YOUR COUSIN FOR CHEAPER. Love it or hate it, GTA IV and its two Episodic add-ons, The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony are currently 75% off on Steam as GTA IV Complete Edition, making it $10/£6.24.

Now for what you get there, that’s a good 40+ hours of single player content, simply because where as the episodes are a reasonable 10-20 hours, the vanilla single player game is LONG. In fact it’s so long that by the time you start getting near the end you might be bored with it.

Personally I enjoyed the stories in each of the three “episodes” despite the more “serious” tones than previous GTA games. The emphasis on realism means a lot of the crazier gameplay elements are gone in this game, which is what made some people go to the Saints Row series instead. That being said, the two episodes do return a little to the surreal nature of the GTA series, and they are better than the vanilla game. A last warning would be that the PC version of GTA IV is very processor intensive. Not an entirely recommended game, but $10 is a more than reasonable deal.

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