Steam sale ends this weekend

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As Hellen Keller once said, “All good things must come to an end”. Well, this holiday Steam sale has not been a good thing, it has been an amazing thing. Ghostbusters for $7? Indigo Prophecy for a little over 3 bucks? Arkham Asylum, plus 19 other games, all for $50? I’m not sure how Valve has done it (I suspect Gabe Newell sold his fat soul to Crom), but some of these discounts have been crazier than Mickey Rooney when he’s on his crazy pills.

Unfortunately, once the weekend is over, the deals are too. This means you better purchase everything you want before Sunday ends, because I suspect we won’t be seeing a sale this big til…well, next December I imagine. I myself am going to have spent at least a hundred dollars before this is all over. Between the Eidos Collector’s pack, a couple of Atari games, the King’s Quest Collection, and the Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection, I’ll be PC gaming for a long time into the new year. What did y’all get during this absolutely insane sale?

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